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Expert knowledge of the production of plush animals and toys – and the market need for these types of goods – led to LEICO seeing the light of day back in 1983.

LEICO quickly established itself as a major supplier to danish tourist attractions and the many travelling amusement parks of the day and has continuously managed to adapt to the changing trends. This resulted in the range expansing to include various types of souvenirs and merchandise. During the years children’s clothing has also become part of the range.

The goal then, as now, has been to provide the industry with the best products at the right prices. LEICO always puts quality first, and works on very strict ethical requirements, which means that LEICO’s products always comply with the required EU standards.

There are currently six employees associated with the company, and there is a strong focus on providing the best service. Customers are therefore always welcome to call and get a non-binding offer – or to drop by for a chat.

LEICO’s headquarters are located in Horsens, and include an office, showroom and warehouse.

More than 500 part numbers are always in stock and day-to-day delivery service is available.

Products with logo. The customer gets his message across in a fun and different way. It can be anything from teddy bears, umbrellas and caps to lunch boxes, crayons, coloring books and much, much more.

Products aimed at the dear toddlers. Great emphasis is placed on quality, expression and color, which makes the products ideal for the little ones.

Products primarily sold in zoos. Again, great emphasis on quality and the animals’ expression. There are faithful copies of animals from the real world, and in Animal Kingdom we cover the whole universe of animals.